What is Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is the increasing trend of businesses offering remote working opportunities to their employees. This necessitates the use of personal laptops, smartphones, and tablets as well as the use of cloud technology to access shared data.

Enterprise mobility has the potential to improve customer experience, employee productivity and responsiveness by providing information on the go.

An Enterprise Mobility Management strategy is required to shift from an ad hoc remote working environment to a more structured, permanent and systematic model where employees working at home for long periods of time get the necessary support. 

Advantages of an Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy

Security- secure your confidential data from security and privacy risks and malware attacks.

Increased Revenue- Increased productivity and revenue through the implementation of apps. Employees can flexibly work together without restrictions of time and place. Facilitate direct engagement with your present and future customers promoting customer loyalty.

Process Efficiency and Cost reduction- Replacing traditional workflow with mobile interface decreases operational costs. Seamless data interaction through web and mobile interfaces saves time, money and effort.

Enhanced Productivity- Enterprise mobile apps systematize and improve workflows. Dara accuracy is enhanced, and your team have instant access to real-time data. Allows greater team communication and collaboration.

Enterprise Mobility Management Software

Mobility has boosted the operational efficiency of organizations and created new models for business. However, many organizations are not truly getting the most out of their business-critical mobility investments. Underuse, improper use, as well as downtime of mobile apps and devices can lead to unnecessary costs, lost revenue and lost productivity.

At Justnet we use an award-winning innovative Software called SOTI One to manage your Enterprise Mobility.

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